Work Ethic
As the quote above expresses, I believe in putting in an effort that goes beyond what is asked or expected. I am passionate about my work and intentionally scrutinize all details before handing over the finished product to clients. The goal is to achieve satisfaction whether in a one time project or an established work flow and ongoing professional relationship. As an experienced business owner, I look forward to working with people and providing a positive experience that is rare in society today. You are not "client no. 118", you are a person that has goals of your own that matter to me. Let me help and serve you!

I am passionate about art and imagery. I didn't choose the industry because it was a means to an end, such as a pay check. The world of arts is who I am and I have enjoyed the arts as a hobby and a lifestyle. My right-side of the brain outworks the left, and I appreciate nature as well as man's ability to create. My feet hit the floor in the morning, and I think to myself, "How awesome, I GET to draw pictures and help people everyday!"

New Ventures
In the past several years, I have been introduced to decoy carving. I have always loved drawing birds and I love antiques. When a friend invited me to his decoy carving wood shop, I was hooked. I carve and paint decoys that start as a log from the woods or a block of wood from a mill. Web site coming soon!! :)

It is important to touch base with philosophy on life. I feel it is how we interact and form a relationship that ultimately determines our success together on a given project. I pledge to help establish a common ground so that our professional relationship clicks well and we are not slow in productivity because of our differences. As a leader of my business, I am confident that we will work together in a win-win partnership, and fulfill your objectives.

Leadership has become one of those terms that is used heavily today in many arenas of life. As John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Doing business with people is not "just business", it is a fabric of life itself. Doing business in the entrepreneurial spirit enhances our abilities to lead in our homes, communities, and wherever people gather. As leaders, we never completely arrive and are constantly striving for self-improvement. I am proud of the leadership initiative and growth I have obtained the past several years.

If you were puzzled by the imagery of spiders on this web site, I can elaborate. When the World Wide Web (WWW) became a phenomenon in the 1990's, I was intrigued with the possibilities. I took on an imaginary label of me "the spider" crawling through cyberspace, "the web". Ever since then, I've had an infatuation with spiders and their odd world.