Fees: I use an hourly rate system. The rates vary slightly depending on the process of work, creativity, and turn around time required. These rates are fair and economically competitive. Giving estimates is welcomed planning.

Meetings: In many cases, a meeting may be beneficial to define the project and to discuss the expected goals and deliverables.

File Transfer: Email is a great tool for approving low resolution comp. files. Further along in the process, we can agree on the preferred method of delivering your finished files. Some options include CD's through the mail or delivered on site, Dropbox over the Internet, portable external hard drives with files transferred on site.

Photoshop Artist
An artist has many mediums and tools at their disposal to create with. Similarly in the digital world there are various choices we can use to create and manipulate digital images. As a Photoshop artist, I use other programs as well as Photoshop to create and blend elements together for a desired outcome. As a traditional artistic painter, I have become efficient using a graphics tablet and pen as my preferred method of drawing and navigation. Most of my experience in Photoshop is of a commercial caliber with an illustration or photograph as a raw image that needs further enhancing. Still, more of my professional uses of the program call for color correction and clipping out backgrounds or adding drop shadows to elements. Many projects call for other techniques such as cloning or extending backgrounds as well as photo touch up from digital dust and/or flaws. It also becomes necessary on some imagery to run and render any number of special enhancing filters and third party programs. Knowing how to use these with a proper balance is important. This is a fun process, and we Photoshoppers love it when someone inevitably says, "can't you just add a left arm?" or "just remove that or this." I always say, "I can do anything in Photoshop!" But, the complexity lies in how much time it will take to accomplish it and ultimately defines how much it costs the client. Photoshop is fun, it really is!

Digital Imager
Digital Imaging or editing is a broader scope and encompasses the many ways we use special software programs to enhance and create imagery whether it is static or in motion. I can create an image from scratch or work with existing photographs. It is the process of manipulating the pixels on the screen to achieve desired results. There are many forms of graphics used in digital media that fall in this category that I have experience with. Those include graphic design, web pages, photography, illustration, Flash animation, banner ads, slide shows, etc.

Photo Retoucher
Photo Retouching is worth another category, even though it shares techniques with digital imaging. Photo retouching is just that. We start with a photograph either from a digital camera, or from a scan of an original hard copy of a photograph. Color correction and general clean-up of the photo are standard practice. One powerful use of this skill is restoring antique or vintage photographs or tintypes. Once the source image is captured digitally, I can do amazing things to touch-up, fix rips, tears or recreate a part of the photograph that may be missing. There are techniques that allow me to make a modern photograph look vintage or visa versa to make a vintage black and white photograph take on color. The primary software I use for this is Photoshop.

As an illustrator, I have freedom to create graphic art that is not photographic in nature. This includes graphics that are functional or artistic like logos, graphs, diagrams, symbols, line art, maps, business cards, and drawings. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful program that allows me to render many of these items to be visually complete, as well as the first step to taking an image further in Photoshop. I also create elements in the vector based program that are used to animate in Flash or are positioned for a graphic design print piece in the program Indesign.

Photography is an exciting profession that invites a life long career and challenge. I do not possess the expert skills nor the proper equipment necessary to be a professional photographer. However, I have been trained in techniques of photography and the artistic view that one requires to capture great shots. I have a "good-eye" for photography and spend considerable time capturing shots in nature and on my adventures in this splendid image rich world. I consider myself extremely blessed to have eyesight and I thank God for His beautiful creation all around us. Having skills in photography absolutely compliments creating stunning visual images.

Oil Painter
If you seek a traditional oil painting to hang on your wall, or give as a gift, I paint with oils on canvas. This is a time consuming process for the simple reason I do this "moonlighting" style (In my spare time). If you have a photo of a landscape or a still life, I can reproduce that best. I do not do portraits of people. You may find it beneficial to hire me to help you turn your photograph into a digital painting and have it printed on a canvas board where the image wraps around the edges in 3D. It is one of the newer techniques out there and is a cost effective substitute to a real oil painting.